Pink was recently admitted to the hospital, forcing her to take a break from recording her new album. But as fans can see, the singer is A-OK.

The pop star posted an Instagram photo of herself, but while she was hooked up to an IV, she was all smiles. “Maybe it’s cause my mom was an ER nurse all my life — but throw me in a gown and a hook me up to an IV — and I’m a happy girl,” she wrote. “Stomach flu sucks but morphine doesn’t.”

A stomach flu that requires morphine? Pink is one tough cookie — but we knew that. The illness arrived after the singer admitted that she’s adopted a healthy post-pregnancy lifestyle.

“I’m used to going into the studio and smoking and drinking until three in the morning,” she says in the June 2012 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. “But I can’t drink as much because I’m breastfeeding. See this glass of wine? Before, I’d have, like, four of them. Now, one is good. Oh, and I quit smoking… I’ve exorcised a lot of my demons, but I’m still working on myself. I think I’ll be a work in progress for the rest of my life.”

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