Pop artist Pink has dabbled in the country music arena since 2016 when she joined Kenny Chesney on "Settin' the World on Fire". In 2019, she teamed up with Chirs Stapleton for "Love You Anyway" which the two took to number 20 on the US Adult Top 40 chart. The year of the pandemic, she and Keith Urban unite for "One Too Many".

"One Too Many" is from Keith Urban's upcoming album "The Speed of Now Part 1". Wednesday night on CBS, the two Grammy Award Winners debuted the country/pop single on the 55th Academy of Country Music Awards which had been postponed in April due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

"One Too Many" is an uptempo hit that blends the edgy vocals of Pink and the smooth voice of Urban to create perfect harmonies with a melody that's sure to send the song up Billboard's Country, Pop and Adult Hits charts.

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