A viral video shows the moment when a driver's plan to tow a small vehicle with an equally small struck went terribly wrong. According to the post, the goal was to tow the Prius 450 miles.


If you don't know what you are doing when hooking up and pulling a trailer, or in this case another vehicle, it can be a potentially dangerous operation.

Not only is it dangerous for the driver, but it is also dangerous for everyone else on the roadway. Thankfully in this case, the tow operation did not make it far enough to encounter any other traffic.

Instagram via @spewpa
Instagram via @spewpa

Driver Attempts to Tow Prius 450 Miles, Doesn't Even Make it 450 Feet

See the video shared to Instagram via @spewpa below.

As the caption states, whoever was trying to tow this Toyota Prius 450 miles did not have the vehicle hooked up correctly.

Just after the pickup-truck driver makes the first turn, things go squarely and the vehicle ends up in the ditch.

It seems as though no one was hurt in the incident, but it is still a good reminder to ensure you have everything hooked up properly when in-tow.

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