If you are a parent of a new driver you may want to look into the Life360 app if you haven’t already. A lot of parents use it to track their kids but it has a feature that can be life-saving. Life360 offers Crash Detection and it is absolutely free.

Life360 Facebook
Life360 Facebook

It is an automated service that knows when you’ve been in an accident, either as a driver or a passenger. If there is a crash, it will ask if you’re ok. If help is needed then you don’t respond. Life360 will then notify your ‘Circle Members’ and emergency contacts to let them know your exact location.

According to its website, Crash Detection uses patented technology to detect major collisions. It relies on sensors in your phone, like your accelerometer and GPS, to detect a significant impact whenever the vehicle is moving over 25 mph.

Life360 saved my son’s life. He and two friends were hit head-on and my son was ejected from the car. Life360 emergency dispatchers contacted me as well as the cops and EMS. The kids were in the middle of nowhere and badly hurt. No one could have called for help but Life360 did, and saved my kid!  - John

The Life360 app says their mission is to bring families closer, and that starts with ensuring loved ones are safe and secure, even in life’s unpredictable moments. That is why they feel it is important to offer Crash Detection at no cost.

Early one morning I got the call that no mother EVER wants to receive. It was Life360 calling to let me know that a crash had been detected and that emergency dispatchers had already called the ambulance and police. Life360 was there for my son when I didn’t know he was in trouble. As a mom, thank you!! - Laurie

According to their Facebook page, Life360 was founded in 2008 after Hurricane Katrina. Led by the belief that connecting with the ones you love and ensuring their safety shouldn’t be difficult, the founders created an app that made it easy to feel closer to the ones you love. Today, millions of families around the world (144 countries to be exact) trust Life360 to make everything from daily tasks like school pick up to the unexpected events, like flat tires just a little bit easier.

As a parent, we will take any security and protection we can. If this will notify us immediately and get help sooner, then it is worth it. Just a helpful tip from a mom who always worries too.

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