I recently shared an article about a current wave of Phone scamming. It included a video from an IRS representative, explaining how to recognize a scam, and what to do. If someone calls, claiming to be with the IRS, and makes threats, they are NOT legit. I Received 2 calls on Feb.1st, from this number: (206) 488-7017. I didn't answer. The caller left voice messages asking I call back, and reference a case number. They called again the next day. I answered, and wasn't very polite, expressing my annoyance & asked "Who are you and what do you want?"  The caller said, in barely intelligible English, "This is the Internal Revenue Service." I replied, No, you're not!," thew in some remarks I won't print here & suggested they not call again. When a friend heard me mention it on the air, she texted me 2 numbers from which she had received similar calls. Those numbers are (678) 713-7523, and (928) 333-3165. Remember, the IRS never makes their first contact via telephone. Don't give personal information to any caller.

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