At 50 years old, Phil Mickelson entered the PGA Championship with betting odds of +20000. By the time he entered the back 9 on Sunday, the line was +300.

That's because Mickelson accomplished someone no one saw coming.

He had not won a Major in 8 years and was ranked 115 in the world.

By Sunday afternoon, he was surrounded by a swarm of fans at the Ocean Course on Kiawah Island, South Carolina all chanting, "LEFTY! LEFTY! LEFTY!"

Mickelson won the PGA Championship by two strokes, and in doing so, became the oldest golfer ever to win a Major Championship, shattering a record that had stood since 1968 when Julius Boros won the same tournament.

"It's very possible that this is the last tournament I ever win, like if I'm being realistic,'' Mickelson said after the historic victory. "But it's also very possible that I may have had a little bit of a breakthrough in some of my focus and maybe I go on a little bit of a run. I don't know.

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"But the point is that there's no reason why I or anybody else can't do it at a later age. It just takes a little bit more work.''

One of my favorite parts of sports is when the unexpected happens.

Everything about Phil's win was unexpected, and it was awesome.

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