Joe Thomas was an offensive lineman for the Browns back when Peyton Manning was making a run for the Super Bowl with the Denver Broncos.

Obviously, the Browns have been bad for awhile. But Manning liked Thomas' play style, and the Broncos were in need of a left tackle due to injury.

Thomas gave an interview revealing how Peyton suggested he get out of his then-current contract with the Browns.

When I was in my seventh year, the Broncos were making a run, Peyton Manning was still the quarterback. Peyton called me up and basically asked me to go Antonio Brown on our GM at the time in order to get traded. Because there was some conversation about trading me to the Broncos because they had lost their left tackle for the season. And he asked me to go into my GM’s office and poop on his desk.

Here's something to picture. Joe Thomas in full playing size, 6'6" and 310 lbs. He's gone on record saying how much food he put into his body. On non-active days he ate 4,200 calories. Before bed, he would drink two big glasses of whole milk and eat a sleeve of thin mint girl scout cookies to keep the weight on.

Now, imagine THAT dropping trou on your desk and letting one loose. I think I'd let anyone go for even thinking about doing that...Thanks, Peyton.

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