Perineum sunning, is what you think it is. It is basically allowing the sun to shine where the sun isn't supposed to shine. Let's just say in order to participate in what a lot of new-age health practitioners are touting as the "next big thing", you'll have to drop your drawers outside and raise your bottom to the heavens.

Let's do a little anatomy lesson before we proceed, by the way, if your bashful, you might want to just skip the rest of this article because it could certainly make you blush, especially if you're at work. The perineum is that part of our body between our genitals and our anus. Yep, we are talking about what is commonly referred to as the "taint".

Now comes the task of getting sunshine to that part of the body that normally lives in darkness for a reason. This is where the drawer dropping and leg lifting comes into play. It seems a lot over the top if you ask me. However, proponents of perineum sunning maintain that the practice can be life-changing.

Lyle Hastie via
Lyle Hastie via

Those pro perineum sun worshipers maintain that the perineum is the "gateway where energy enters and exits the body". However, medical professionals, the ones that bothered to go to medical school and get a degree, disagree with the benefits of sunning your butt for better health.

The biggest initial concern for doctors is the application of sunlight to sun-sensitive areas without proper sun protection. There have been more than a few cases of burned buns or torched tender vegetation while attempting the practice so,  you've been warned if you're thinking about giving it a try.

Doctors also point out that so far there has been no legitimate scientific evidence that supports the benefits of butt sunning.  They also believe that the attributes credited to the practice of perineum sunning, relaxing, meditation, and mindfulness, can certainly be attained by other methods that don't require you to remove your pants in public.

Now, if the prospect of going au naturel in public has you a little antsy about dropping your "pantsies", I just made that word up, then you might want to consider adding a little courage to your sun time drink.

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