That had to hurt. It’s a phrase I used a lot growing up. It was usually deployed after I had witnessed a brother or friend do something really stupid. Maybe it was crashing their bike pretending to be Evel Knievel or taking a kickball to the privates. Pain is something that as children we are encouraged to let people know when we are feeling it. However, the older we get, the mantra appears to be don’t say anything and it will go away. 

Ignoring the pain, well physical pain, appears to be the exclusive domain of the male of the species. In fact, those of us who grew up in the just-rub-some-dirt-on-it generation very seldom if ever express pain. But if we’re being honest, women are actually better pain managers than any man would ever be. Women have a natural in-born tolerance for pain. That’s the only way they could get through things like childbirth and Hallmark holiday movies.  

But as I think back on all the painful memories of my time so far on the planet, I’d have to say the little instances of pain far outweigh my larger encounters with the feeling. What I mean by that is this. I think I got more annoyed with a paper cut and hand sanitizer than I ever did when I was tearing the rotator cuffs in both shoulders. 

Diana Polekhi via
Diana Polekhi via


It’s these little instances of pain I’d like to reflect on. You know the kind of pain that when you feel it, it’s excruciating but when you have to explain to someone how you got hurt the story leans more toward the embarrassing. I will apologize in advance for dragging you down memory lane kicking and screaming but you know that when these kinds of “incidents” happen somebody is going to feel it in a big way.  

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