Disneyland has recently announced raising they're raising the price for parking, and people are not happy about it.

Disneyland Ticket Price Increase

Disney announced yesterday (10/26/21) that it will now be costing a bit more to visit "The Happiest Place on Earth".

It's not just parking fees that are going up, tickets to get into Disneyland and Disney California Adventure theme parks are increasing as well.

However, it's the parking fees that people really, really seem to be ticked off about.


Before we talk anymore about Disney's new parking fees, let's talk about the price increase for all of the other things.

Disneyland Ticket Prices

According to yahoonews.com, Disney's ticket prices are increasing 8% overall. Some prices have barely changed while prices for tickets to the theme parks busier days have increased. The company also "added a highest-price sixth tier, $164 for a one-day visit to a single park" according to Yahoo.

The new Disneyland ticket tier pricing via laughingplace.com -


As mentioned above, overall, through all the different tiers, consumers are looking at roughly an 8% hike in price.

Now let's talk about Disney parking fees...

Disneyland Parking Free Increase

Disneyland's parking fees how now increased from $25 to $30. As someone astutely pointed out, following the regular marketplace inflation rates from 1955 to 2021, parking at Disneyland should costs $2.56. Instead, it now costs $30, which represents a 900% increase.

A 900% increase in the price to park is certainly ridiculous, but...why do I think that out of all of ticket hikes, the amount of money you're going to have to spend to go on one of these trips...it's odd to me that $30 parking is what's really got people mad.


According to huffingtonpost.com "the three Disneyland properties cost an average of $532 per night."

With the new increased parking fee, a three night Disneyland trip will cost you an additional $15.

Maybe it's me, but and extra $15 for a $1,600 trip isn't a reason to get all crazy.

Have I just been assimilated to high parking fees because of all my weekend trips to New Orleans?

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