Three contestant's had a really tough time solving a seemingly simple puzzle on 'Wheel of Fortune' and social media has had a field-day roasting them. The show's host, Pat Sajak, has now come to the defense of the episode's contestants after they caught so much flack online.

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I think just about everyone has seen an episode of 'Wheel of Fortune'. Folks that watch the show regularly certainly enjoy playing along with the lucky contestants who get the chance to play for real cash. Unfortunately, when contestants are unable to solve some puzzles - they get to hear about it online for a while thereafter.

Twitter via @KennyK089
Twitter via @KennyK089

One recent episode featured a puzzle that had a pretty clear answer to most watching the show. Unfortunately, the contestants just could not lock in the correct answer no matter how many chances they got. While one contestant did eventually solve the puzzle, the amount of tries it took them led to quite a bit of ridicule from the rest of the world on social media.

See the clip for yourself below.

Oh yes - the world of social media got on these three contestants and would not let up in the 24-hours following the episode. See some of those posts via Twitter below.

Now that practically everyone on Twitter has taken their shots at these contestants for not solving such a simple puzzle, the show's host has been forced to defend the trio amidst all of the heat they've gotten.

See the Twitter thread from @PatOnWheel below.

"Have a little heart", Pat Sajak implored those who have been tough on these contestants. Sajak seems like a good guy, as he points out that he does his best to make players who have screwed up feel better both on the show and afterwards.

Certainly, it is fun to poke at people who have blundered. But as Sajak says at the end of his Twitter thread, it could be you in that position one day. Just some food for thought!

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