A Delta passenger jet dumped jet fuel over populated areas of LA (Los Angeles), requiring 60 people to be treated, and now the FAA is investigating.

According to CNN, the jet had just taken off from LAX, bound for China, when it had to return to the airport due to a possible engine issue. The Boeing 777, which can hold over 280 people, had to "dump" fuel to bring it down to a weight considered safe for landing.

Dumping fuel from an aircraft that is needing to make an emergency or precautionary landing isn't uncommon, it just isn't supposed to happen over populated areas. It normally happens over rural areas, open water, or at a high altitude,  allowing the fuel to disperse or evaporate before getting to the ground.

Several schools were in the path of the falling fuel, with one school seeing 20 children and 11 adults treated after coming into contact with the jet fuel. None of the 60 affected were taken to hospitals.

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