If you have filled up your gas tank or visited the grocery store lately, you know how expensive it has become just to afford the basics. I don't care who you are, what party you are part of, or what philosophy you subscribe to, things are getting way too expensive out there. I also don't care what anyone says, the effects of inflation are not good for the average family because do not have extra money to pay for the costs that have gone up.

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The following is a list of the percentage increases, according to research by Senator John Kennedy's staff has done, concerning the cost of items that will all need and use:

  • The cost of gas is up by 50%
  • The cost of a rental car is up 42.9%
  • The cost of buying a used car is 26%
  • The cost of turkey is up 20.2%
  • The cost of bacon is up 20.2%
  • The cost of beef is up 20.1%
  • The cost of frozen fruits and vegetables is up 7.5%
  • The cost of baby food is up 8%
  • The cost of television is up 10%
  • The cost of bedroom furniture is up 12%
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I don't know about you, but I am sick of paying so much more for things that we need. And, I don't care which politicians are in power. Stop this now! Do something to help lower prices! I can't afford this! I don't care how Congress and the President get this done, but it needs to be done. Yes, South Louisiana is benefitting from higher gas prices, and I like that, but the rest of it is getting out of control. Senator John Kennedy says that people that use natural gas to heat their homes this winter, get ready because you are going to pay 30% more this year compared to last year.

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Another big issue I have with rising costs is where that leaves not only families but small business owners. Some of these small business owners are hanging on to their businesses by their fingernails. How can they handle rising costs? Do they end up having to lay off more people? Also, the rising costs of gas, food, and other things, leave us with less money in our pockets to shop at local, small businesses that desperately need our support.

Man Who is Angry
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Doesn't all of this make you worry about the future? I sure do. I am not an economist, and I do not have the answers, but I do know that the people that we have elected have a duty to do something about it. Having written that, whether you agree or disagree will can probably all agree that no one wants to pay more for the things we all need.

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U.S. Senator John Kennedy spent about fifteen minutes on the floor of the Senate Wednesday to tell President Biden about how people can't take these rising costs. He says,

As our days grow shorter, the economic landscape unfortunately is getting darker. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, it's a cherished American holiday. But even the holiday that Americans observe in order to count our blessings is coming with new hardships. According to the New York Times, Mr. President, Thanksgiving 2021, and I quote, 'could be the most expensive meal in the history of the holiday.

Kennedy had plenty to say to President Joe Biden, and in the video below, you can see everything he says,

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