Oxford Dictionaries has announced the latest words that it is adding to its database, and if you're a teenager who's spent his life shaking his head on the Internet, you'll already be quite familiar with many of them.

This follows closely on the heels of Webster's latest Web-focused update, which added 'selfie,' 'hashtag' and 'unfriend,' among others. And as Time points out, if you're of a certain age and worry that making 'douchebaggery' an official word will help bring about the imminent demise of the English language, you can relax. Oxford Dictionaries is the Oxford unit that handles current English. The Oxford English Dictionary, on the other hand, is the older, more revered arm of the company, and it won't be adding 'neckbeard' anytime soon.

Here is an extended list of some of Oxford's August additions:

acquihire dox neckbeard
amazeballs e-cig olinguito
anti-vax FML pharmacovigilance
baller fratty pogonophobia
air punch hench side boob
bare hexacopter side-eye
bedroom tax hot diggity SMH
binge-watch hot mess spit take
brick hot mic subtweet
bro hug humblebrag trackback
catfish hyperconnected trigger warning
clickbait ICYMI vape
cord cutter in silico vax
cotch listicle WDYT
cray live-tweet YOLO
doncha mansplain zonkey
douchebaggery nailed on