Mike and Jolene Menard have had a heck of a time getting their adult store Crave open in Carencro, Louisiana. The Menard's 5-year lease has now been canceled days before opening.

Mike and Jolene have put up a civilized fight to get Crave open in Carencro in the Derek Plaza Shopping Center. After challenge after challenge, it looks like it's not going to happen.

At first, the Menards were told by the city of Carencro that they weren't allowed to sell adult toys inside their store. The city of Carencro cited a two-decade-old obscenity ordinance which Mike Menard claims violated his First Amendment rights.

Mike Menard told KLFY he and his wife were still planning on opening the store the first week of April after working with the city to determine what could be sold legally and what items could not be sold at all.

But the Menard's got a second blow just before opening. The landlord of Derrick Plaza Shopping Center retracted the 5-year lease contract.

Mike Menard told KLFY he doesn't want to leave the city of Carencro but the process has been overwhelming.

It's overwhelming some days to wake up knowing what we do and how we do it and still get push back from people who were never coming into the store in the first place.-Mike Menard


The Menard's are now being welcomed with open arms to open Crave in the more progressive, fastest-growing town in the state...Youngsville, Louisiana. Mike and Jolene have signed a 5-year lease at 1004 Fortune Rd. (formerly Gladiators Academy) in Youngsville. Mike Menard is very happy.

So happy to find some 'advanced civilization'.-Mike Menard

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