Do you know who may have this sign?

The owner of the Whiskey River, in Henderson, needs your help in locating this historic sign. It is reportedly missing and the owner of the venue wants it back.

The dancehall is set to reopen and the owner hopes to incorporate the sign you see here into the decor of the building.

If you have the sign or if you know someone who does, the owner of Whiskey River asks that you return it to the venue. No questions will be asked, they just want the sign back where it belongs.

Stevie Cormier posted this message on Facebook in hopes of getting the sign back. According to Cormier, the sign was recently taken.

We'd love for the owner to get this sign back so that when they do re-open, it's there for all to see.


Stevie Cormier
Stevie Cormier

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