This guy (who happens to be my husband Kevin) recently reeled in a 23-inch red fish while we were fishing along Price Lake Road on Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge. As you can tell, he and my daughter, Terryn, had a lot of fun getting that drum onto the bank.

The Louisiana Outdoor Expo may be just the place to help you improve your chances of hooking some big fish. Over a dozen vendors specializing in fishing tips, tricks, and tackle will be in attendance. You'll find information on the latest gadgets, boats, and places to go. The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries will even be there if you have questions about the dos and don'ts.

Make sure to check out the Fetch And Fish Tank. It's a 4,000-gallon tank used for retriever demonstrations, but it's also filled with bass. The exhibitors there will show you some of the best ways to snag the big ones.

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