Growing up, watching 'The Three Stooges' was a staple at my house on Saturday mornings. Syndication has made the bumbling but lovable idiots just as popular today as they were decades ago. Even though the last of their short subject films was aired in 1970, they are still remembered fondly by millions.

Moses 'Moe' (Howard) Horwitz was joined by his brothers Jerome 'Curly' Horwitz, and Samuel 'Shemp' Horwitz, (and later on by Larry 'Louis' Feinberg) to make some of the most memorable characters in movies and television.

And starting today, the personal 'Three Stooges' collection of Moe Howard is up for auction at the Nate D. Sanders Auctions website. The special five day event includes family memorabilia as well as photos, documents, and even 16 mm films.

The auction will be held through June 28, and one of the highlights has got to be a handwritten script from Moe for the 'Three Little Pigskins', with bids set to start at $7,800. If you 'd like to own a piece of film/television/comedy history, you should check it out before it's too late.


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