There was a strange bit of coincidence in the Labor Day Police Report submitted by the Opelousas Police Department. Sure, the report contained daily information on arrests and violations the department worked over the holiday. But, it also contained information about two different shootings officers in the department were investigating. Oddly enough in both of those cases, the alleged assailant was the nephew of the victim.

Here's what Opelousas Police are reporting. In one incident 31-year-old, Demitri Fontenot of Opelousas was fatally wounded when he was shot while allegedly struggling over a gun with his nephew. During the altercation with Decourian Fontenot, the gun discharged during the struggle striking Demitri in the face. He was taken to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

Decourian Fontenot has been charged with illegal carrying of a weapon and manslaughter in connection with the incident. That incident allegedly took place in the 500 block of Narrow Street.

Meanwhile, on Pandora Street, Opelousas Police say another man was wounded with a weapon. Thaddeus Thomas has turned himself into police in connection with that shooting. The victim, alleged to be Thomas' Uncle is reported to be in serious condition. Thomas has been arrested on one count of second-degree murder in the case.


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