Reports say that 'OnlyFans' will begin banning pornography beginning in October of 2021. Social media has caught wind of the news and some are saying that the platform used sex-workers to help grow, but is now turning away from those same content creators.

Facebook via OnlyFans
Facebook via OnlyFans

Since launching, the platform has paid out more than $5 Billion to creators around the world and the company's hopes of long-term sustainability may rely on its community getting along with their evolving terms of use.

See the news from @Variety on Twitter below.

According to the report, will be banning "sexually explicit content" starting in October of 2021. The report includes that 'OnlyFans', which currently has a user base of over 130 million, will allow creators to post nudity so long as it is in line with their "Acceptable Use Policy".

While there are plenty of creators on the platform that do not produce content that involves nudity or pornography, it is no secret that sex-workers have driven the growth of 'OnlyFans'. With over 130 million users on the platform, the website has had a constant buzz since it was created in 2016.

More on the story comes from @business on Twitter here.

It isn't just everyday people that are utilizing OnlyFans to bring in extra money. Formerly featured on The Dr. Phil Show, "Bhad Bhabie" raked in $1 Million in her first six hours on the platform. She has reportedly brought in even more cash since joining 'OnlyFans'.

Why Is OnlyFans Banning Pornography?

The short answer is financial interests. Per the above reports, the company said the changes come to, "...comply with with the requests of our banking partners and payout providers". Apparently, banks that work with 'OnlyFans' have requested the change and the company is obliging.

The grey area comes with the website's terms and how those may be enforced on creators. While the report says that 'OnlyFans' will be providing more details soon, they also say they are committed to safety and content moderation.

Social Media Reaction To OnlyFans Banning Pornography

While the future for creators on the platform seems uncertain, social media has been buzzing since the news came out. See some reactions below.

The internet certainly has their opinion, but we will have to wait and see what the impact these new terms from 'OnlyFans' has on the business and on its creators.

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