Honestly, I didn't know what to expect when I searched for "Louisiana IceGators" on eBay, but the search didn't bring up many jerseys.

Pucks? Tons of 'em. Jerseys? Only 3, and one is a youth jersey.

eBay icegators hockey 1
eBay IceGators hockey 1

Last month, eBay user "Geauxcasual" had an IceGators jersey for sale on eBay for $129.99 but, as of now, there are only 3 listed for sale with $75 as the asking price for the "vintage" 90s jersey (green on white).

eBay icegators hockey 2
eBay IceGators hockey 2

There was a green jersey listed at $55, and a youth jersey with an asking price of $46.99.

eBay icegators hockey 3
eBay IceGators hockey 3

None of the jerseys listed were specialty jerseys. Remember the Halloween jersey? The Thanksgiving jersey?  How about the Mardi Gras jersey?

Louisiana Ice Gators mardi gras photo louisianaicegatorsmardigras.jpg

With as popular as the IceGators were, I would have thought that there would be a larger online market for their jerseys.

Do you still have IceGator memorabilia? What's your favorite piece?


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