May 22, 2017, Manchester England: 19 people killed, over 50 injured at an Ariana Grande concert. November 13, 2015, Paris France: 130 people killed, 368 injured. March 22, 2016, Brussels, Belgium: 32 killed, 340 injured. December 19, 2016, Berlin, Germany: 12 dead, 56 injured. September 11, 2001, United States: 2,977 dead, hundreds injured.

Hijackers. Suicide bombers. Knife-wielding attackers. Gunmen. Terrorists driving trucks into crowds. Regardless of the method, all of these attacks have the same goal, and it's NOT to kill people. Killing and injuring people is part of the plan. The goal is to instill terror, to scare people into conforming until the terrorist group gets their "way".

What is the one thing I think may stop the attacks? In a word: education.

If we can educate the terrorists (and, more importantly, their children), I think that the terrorists attacks may stop. It will be difficult, because it would be, in essence, asking the terrorists to give up some of their beliefs, which is a long shot. Think about this: if someone were to ask you to give up your religion, would you? Would you give up beliefs that have been instilled into your brain since birth? The beliefs of your parents and grandparents? Personally, I still have a hard time putting more than one piece of meat on a sandwich.

I am no psychologist, I am no expert on religion and there are (save for the first paragraph) very few facts in this opinion piece. This is my opinion, and solely my opinion.

From what I read in the news and see on the television, it appears that these terrorists are acting out in the name of their religion. They are teaching their children to follow the same religion, and to kill in the name of their religion. And they are teaching their children to die in the name of their religion.

Each time an attack like this happens, comments on social media call for the annihilation of whole religions (I hope that I don't have to explain why this is wrong). If we would annihilate a whole group of terrorists, though, that could diminish the number of attacks but, eventually, other religions who feel like the rest of the world is evil will just take up arms and continue the tradition of terror.

Why do I say "tradition of terror"? Because terrorism has been taking place for over 2,000 years (according to some scholars; though others argue against that belief). By the mid-1,800s, though, it's pretty well documented that the KKK began doing a good job of terrorism here at home, in the name of religion (according to SPLC).

I believe that the only way to beat terrorism is through education. If someone can get into the minds of the terrorists and change the way they believe, then we might be able to beat terrorism (or at least slow it down). But, if the terrorists continue to raise their children to believe that their religion wants them to kill or be killed in the name of that religion, terrorism will not go away any time soon (because those kids will, in turn, teach their kids, ad nauseum). Taking out a whole religion? I'm not down with that. Taking out a whole group of terrorists who kill in the name of religion? I'm down with that.

I am in no way sympathetic towards terrorists; I believe that anyone who commits a terrorist attack, or plans a terrorist attack, or facilitates in the commission of a terrorist attack should be tried and prosecuted. I am not sympathetic, but I understand it. I understand why they feel so strongly about what they believe. They have been taught the ways of their religion from the time they were born. Again, I am no religious scholar. I know very little about what the various "Good Books" contain. What I have gathered, though, is that the terrorists frown upon education because they don't want the children to know anything other than their religion. They don't want the "negative" influence of the outside world. They have their blinders on, and they just want to get to their God; to their "Promised Land".

Most people outside of these radical terrorists groups are educated enough know that it is wrong to kill (even in the name of religion). Most of us are educated enough to know that not everyone believes the same thing we believe and, as an educated lot, we should be fine with that, as long as that belief doesn't teach you to try to convert or kill me.

So, to help you understand why I think that the terrorist attacks won't stop anytime soon, ask yourself the question again: would YOU give up YOUR religion? No, you wouldn't. Just as we are taught that our religion is the "right" one, and people who don't receive the same blessings/sacraments as we receive won't be going to Heaven, they are taught the same thing.

My thoughts tonight are with the families of those affected by the attacks in Manchester. Innocent people - many teenage girls - out having a good time. These are supposed to be their carefree years and, now, many will live in fear for a long time to come.

Maybe there is another answer as to how to stop the terrorist attacks. If there is, someone needs to implement that plan posthaste. In the meantime, we need to share our knowledge and, more importantly, share our love.

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