Wouldn't it be nice to have a little more money in your wallet or bank account? What if you were able to make a few hundred dollars or even thousands of dollars off of something you might have in your wallet or purse right now?

Getting money for something you already might have sounds incredible. Well, according to the website homemaking.com, there is the potential for you to find certain dollar bills that are worth some money.

The website coolserialnumbers.com is really looking for some special one-dollar bills, but if you have them, they could be worth much more than face value.

One Dollar Bills
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It's all about the serial numbers. They are looking for bills that have several different types of serial numbers. A huge part of the bills they are looking for have sequential numbers or repetitive numbers.

The company is looking for one-dollar bills that have things like seven digits of the same kind on one bill. They are also looking for one-dollar bills that have several numbers in sequence.

This is probably going to have you thinking very differently about the value of your one-dollar bills. Imagine if you find a one-dollar bill that's worth $300. You will have to do the work. The pictures below explain what type of one-dollar bills they are looking for.

Serial Number Bills Wanted
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You can see from the information on their website that they are looking for quite a wide selection of bills. You have to contact them directly to figure out if you have what they are looking for and how much you might be offered for your bills.

Serial Number Bills Wanted 2
Photo courtesy of CoolSerialNumbers.com - Wanted

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