I've learned through the years a great way of staying healthier and cooler while on vacation: check the air conditioner filters!

Growing up with a family that suffers from allergies, it was instilled in my brain from early on that cleaner air means cleaner lungs which, in turn, means a healthier body.

Growing up with a family that did air conditioning work, it was instilled in my brain that having a clean air conditioner filter allowed the unit to run more efficiently, thus allowing the unit to cool more effectively.

If you find yourself in a hotel room in which the air conditioner isn't blowing much cold air, check the air conditioner filter. Chances are it's going to be filthy.

When I am on vacation and I find a dirty filter, I give the staff of the facility a couple of hours to change the filter. If they don't have someone in within a reasonable time, the filter comes out long enough to get the room to a comfortable temperature, then it goes back in. If they haven't changed it by the next day, another call is made right after the filter is removed and left outside the door for all to see.

I'm on vacation, I won't put up with sweating in my room!

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