Oklahoma Sooners wide receivers coach Cale Gundy has resigned from his position after 23 years.

A former quarterback for OU from 1990-1993, Gundy has been part of Sooners football for more than half of his life.

Cale Gundy
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Cale is the brother of Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy.

The news was a surprise throughout college football, especially when Cale explained why he was leaving the coaching staff.

Last week, during a film session, I instructed my players to take notes. I noticed a player was distracted and picked up his iPad and read aloud the words that were written on his screen. The words displayed had nothing to do with football. One particular word that I should never — under any circumstance — have uttered was displayed on that screen. In the moment, I did not even realize what I was reading and, as soon as I did, I was horrified.

“I want to be very clear: The words that I read aloud from that screen were not my words. What I said was not malicious; it wasn’t even intentional. Still, I am mature enough to know that the word I said was shameful and hurtful, no matter my intentions.”

Gundy read the phrase off a tablet he took away from a player, saying it wasn't unintentional.

He did not specify what the shameful and hurtful word he used in a film session with players was, but the fact he couldn't even reference what it was is telling.

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Cincinnati Bengals running back Joe Mixon played at Oklahoma. Gundy was his running backs coach at the time.

Mixon took to social media to share his support of coach Gundy, claiming he knows Gundy is not a racist.

Gundy was making $675,000 annually.

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