Are you looking to pick up an extra $3,000,000? All you have to do is catch a Bigfoot!

Oklahoma State Representative Justin Humphrey announced Wednesday on the Oklahoma Senate floor (05/26/21) that they have "started what may be the biggest promotion in the state of Oklahoma ever" according to

The promotion Rep. Humphrey announced? $3,000,000 "for a live capture of unharmed Bigfoot".

Humphrey also announced that for over a 6-month period, a film crew will be documenting all attempts being m, made to capture a Bigfoot. The footage will be turned into a new television series set to air in 2022.

He also wanted to be very clear that this is not a hunt.

From -

It's not hunt by the way, we don't hunt Bigfoot, nobody wants to harm Bigfoot, we want to do a live humane capture of Bigfoot. We are wanting the whole world to come to Southeastern Oklahoma and to the state of Oklahoma and get involved in our bounty.


With so much wooded area, Bigfoot is a big deal in Oklahoma. They even hold an annual Bigfoot Festival in Honobia, Oklahoma, that happens October 1-2.

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