A piece of history, the O. K. Allen Bridge in Alexandria, is gone, falling into the Red River early on Saturday.

My Sig-O, Shannon, is from Alexandria, and has a brother living in Pineville.  This bridge, which once connected the two cities, carried me to and fro on several occasions.

The bridge was named after Oscar K. Allen governor of Louisiana from 1932 - 1936.

In the video, you can see the cable that is used to ignite the explosives on the left side of the bridge.  It (very rapidly) turns to smoke as the demolition occurs.
I crossed the Red River on Saturday afternoon.  Had I known that they were going to demolish the bridge, I would have made plans to be there!

The plans are to remove the bridge from the river to be sold for scrap, and plans another span of bridge (for Highway 71) are in the works.