TikTok is a social media site where millions gather every day to share thoughts, ideas, videos, and of course challenges with those that are subscribed to the service. For the most part, Tik Tok challenges are basically light-hearted and fun.

There was the milk crate challenge which proved to be a boon for the orthopaedic and physical therapy industry. But that challenge like most of those you find on TikTok usually cools down after a week or so.

Recently the discussion on Tik Tok has turned to darkness. As subscribers detail their accounts of the darkest places they have ever visited. As you might imagine there are been stories of cave explorers and those who work inside large buildings chiming in too.

But the Tik Tok video on the subject of darkness that really hit home with me comes from an industry that we know all too well in South Louisiana. That is the oil and gas industry and in particular, the rigs that are set up in the offshore waters.

Coast Guard Attempts Burning Off Oil Leaking From Sunken Rig
Chris Graythen/Getty Images

TikTok user @oilywhitehat, love the handle, by the way, was commenting on posts made by fellow TikTok users who mentioned how dark it was working on a boat. Here's the video that @oilywhitehat shared with the class.


To quote the great thespian SpongeBob Squarepants, "That's some advanced darkness".


Yeah, there really isn't a whole lot to see. Except for maybe the lights of another rig in the distance or if you have a full moon you might get some reflections off the water but that is about as dark as it gets, right there.

Yeah, that flashlight clearly lights up all the support President Biden's oil and gas policies have in the Gulf of Mexico. No, I don't see anything either.

But that just goes to show you. Maybe we shouldn't have been so hard on the Captain of the Titanic, how the hell was he supposed to see that iceberg in all of that dark.

The Titanic
Central Press/Getty Images

Hey, if you work offshore and can share some of your observations of what life on the rig is really like, we'd love to see and love to share. Thank you for doing what you do and for keeping America's oil and gas economy running.

And while you're contemplating those thoughts, contemplate these thoughts. Personally, I never thought of using Vicks Vapo-Rub that way.

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