His behavior is worth addressing.

at the championship

We saw the former LSU Tiger hand out cash to current LSU players after the game, while on the field, and we saw OBJ hit a security guard on the backend while inside the LSU locker room.

Now, we have a video of this NFL player getting into the stands after the game and yelling on a megaphone that belongs to a band director.

Apparently he wanted the LSU band to play "Neck" while the Tigers celebrated and luckily they did not listen to him.

Many have suggested that he did all of this after the game for attention, but I am beginning to think that he may have been motivated by some other external source.

This type of conduct is uncalled for and LSU must have a sitdown with their former star athlete. A source at the championship game told me that just about every former LSU star athlete was in attendance when LSU won the national championship this week in New Orleans. Yet, we didn't see anyone else acting this immature.

A state trooper with the Louisiana State Police was eventually called over to remove Beckham from the band. He didn't resist.

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