Most of us will spend this weekend going about our usual routines with one major exception. We might check the weather forecast our phones or computers a little more often than we might on a typical August weekend.  Of course, the reason for that is the unsettled tropical weather that will likely affect all of South Louisiana beginning Monday.

As of now, the National Hurricane Center is forecasting Tropical Depression 14 to become a tropical storm and eventually a hurricane as it moves from the Caribbean Sea across the Yucatan peninsula and the Gulf of Mexico. The forecast track puts South Louisiana in a very good spot to get some very wet and windy weather.

While we may or may not take a direct hit from the center of the storm, there will be weather consequences. That's why doing a little inspection and clean up around your home would probably be a good idea this weekend.

For example, you might want to look at trees that have low hanging limbs that are close to your roof. If you can do so safely, you might want to give those a trim. You'll especially want to trim back branches that appear to be diseased, dead, or look like they might fall.

Drainage is another big issue in Acadiana when tropical rains come. Do you know where your street's storm drain is located? Is the gutter or drainage track to that storm drain clear of debris? How about the storm drain itself? Is it clogged with grass, weeds, and other plant material that have sprouted up over the summer? You'd probably want to trim all of that back.

You might want to check your property for garden decorations and outdoor cushions that be tossed about by high winds. Perhaps on Sunday evening, when you're done enjoying them over the weekend, you could put them in a storage room or at least someplace where they won't be blown down the street by a strong gust of wind.

As always, forecasts are subject to change, and should the anticipated system grow stronger than current model projections suggest you might have to remove more items from your yard or secure them even more tightly against the wind. Then again, the system could slide into Central America and fall apart too. Well, at least you'd have some of your fall yard work done, you'd have that going for you.

But as for this weekend, the weather will be quite conducive, although very hot, for completing those outdoor storm preparations that will keep you well ahead of the storm.


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