By now, you've probably heard that Santa Claus will soon be coming to town. If you have children who just can't wait for jolly ol' St. Nick to make his visit, our friends at NORAD have the perfect way to help them get ready for Christmas Day.

The NORAD Santa Tracker website is up and running in anticipation of the big day. The website continues NORAD's six-decade tradition of helping kids keep tabs on Santa's whereabouts and flight status. Of course, Santa won't be starting his annual run until next Wednesday, but that's not stopping NORAD from allowing the little ones to have some fun.

The website features an online tour of the North Pole, Christmas-themed games, Christmas stories, and so much more. For the anxious ones, the website also features a clock that's counting down to the start of Santa's ride.

To check out the NORAD Santa Tracker website, click here.

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