Nick Saban is always recruiting.

After the Crimson Tide defeated the LSU Tigers last Saturday night in Tuscaloosa, Ala. Coach Nick Saban greeted one of his former players on the field.

The conversation was short, but Saban reminded Aaron Anderson that he'd be playing more at Bama than he is at LSU.

Anderson, who transferred to LSU, took the conversation in good stride and the two got a good laugh about it.

And by looking at Anderson's uniform after the game, you can see that he didn't get much action on the field as it looked as clean as it did to start the game.

LSU v Alabama
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The young LSU Tiger is a promising player known for his blazing speed, but in a loaded wide receiver room at LSU, his playing time has been limited.

Still, you have to think that the LSU coaching staff has plans for this very promising player. However, Saban didn't bite his tongue when he had a chance to greet the young man who walked from his program.

Here's their quick conversation following the 42-28 victory by Alabama.


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