A new company offering wash-and-fold laundry services launched this week in Acadiana. The business is called hampr and it's a free app available on both Android and iOS devices.

Through the app, users can schedule wash-and-fold laundry services. The customers' laundry is picked up, washed, folded and delivered back to them by local "washrs", which is an army of stay-at-home parents, retirees or any individuals interested in earning additional income.

hampr was founded by Laurel Hess, a local, working mother of two whose aim is to help simplify users' lives.

“I had gotten home from a business trip and was surrounded by laundry. It was the weekend and my sons had birthday parties and t-ball opening day - I didn’t know how I was going to get it all done,” says Hess.

“If we can get our groceries and food from our favorite restaurants delivered—why can’t we get laundry done with the click of a button?”

Here's how the service works. Users must first purchase a $39 annual membership, which includes four special hampr-branded laundry hampers in the first year. The hamprs are designed to hold one load of laundry. The app charges a flat-rate of $10 per hampr rather than per-pound, which is often the case with most laundry services.

Currently, hampr services are available in Lafayette along with Broussard and parts of Youngsville with expansion into additional markets on the horizon.

They are also looking to add several local jobs in the coming months.

“We have already onboarded several washrs in the Acadiana area and have been operating in a small closed beta for several weeks. As we expand, we see not only our base of washrs growing, but also positions at our headquarters,” says Hess.

If you're interested in being a washr, you can apply at www.tryhampr.com/washrs.




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