Trash collection by Acadiana Waste Services began on Monday, October 30. The old servicer, Republic Waste Services, ceased having a contract with Lafayette Consolidated Government.

There have been thousands of questions and complaints made to AWS according to what Lafayette Consolidated Government's Environmental Manager Bess Foret told KLFY.

Foret told the following to KLFY,

People get concerned asking, 'Do they know about my call? Do they know that I am in need of "X" or whatever it is? AWS is getting a lot of those messages and working on things. Unfortunately, they're not able to call everybody back.'

Many of the complaints, Foret says, are about trash not being collected. She says the trash will be collected but with new drivers and a whole new system, it just takes time to make the changes.

 We Have Received Many Questions, So Here Are Some Answers:

One of the big questions being asked by customers is how am I going to get a bill from Acadiana Waste Services? If you live in the city of Lafayette and have LUS electricity, your waste collection is always put on that bill.

Officials with Lafayette Consolidated Government say that all customers of Acadiana Waste Services who do not have utilities through LUS will receive a bill directly from AWS. You will not have to do anything as LCG has given the information to AWS already.

Acadiana Waste Services Trash Cans
Photo courtesy of AWS Facebook

When Is My Garbage and Recycling Day?

The majority of customers who have their garbage and recycling collected by Acadiana Waste Services on the day that their items are picked up will not change.

AWS has changed the pickup day for 30% of customers though. You likely received a postcard in the mail notifying you of the collection day change.

If you didn't get the notification, or if you don't remember, then you can click on this map provided by Lafayette Consolidated Government to find out which day your items will be picked up.

Acadiana Waste Services Recycling Cans
Photo courtesy of AWS

How Can I Recycle?

If you are a resident of the city of Lafayette then you can use a recycling cart to recycle items. The recycling cans were not sent to each address.

If you would like one, you can simply request one if you live in the city limits of Lafayette. You can click here to find out what you need to fill out.

If you are curious as to what can be recycled in your can, click here.

If would like to recycle, but you don't live in an area where it's available, you can drop the items off at the AWS facility at 2107 Carmel Dr.

Photo courtesy of Ochir Erdene Oyunmedeg, LmyPLbbUWhA, Unsplash

When Can I Place My Yard Waste to Be Collected?

When you have yard clippings like grass and tree branches, etc. you can put them in a bag and place those next to your trash cans.

You can also take the items and put them all in our own 40-gallon can which you can put at the curb. It can weigh more than 50 pounds.

If you have big items of yard waste, like large tree limbs that won't fit in a bag, you need to place them at the curb, but make sure they don't weigh more than 50 pounds.

Acadiana Waste Services Recycling Cans
Photo courtesy of AWS

How Come I Got My Trash Can, But I Didn't Get a Recycling Cart?

The answer is that you have to request a recycling bin.

In the months leading up to the transition from Republic Garbage Services to Acadiana Waste Services, there were announcements that if you wanted a recycling bin you had to request one.

If you didn't receive your recycling bin, you just need to request one from Acadiana Waste Services by clicking on their website. Recycling carts are only available for people who live in the city limits of Lafayette.

You do not have to pay for a recycling cart.

Acadiana Waste Services Trash Cans
Photo courtesy of AWS Facebook

What Do I Do If I Want or Need an Extra Trash Can?

According to Acadiana Waste Services, you can still purchase an additional trash cart for your home in Lafayette and Lafayette Parish.

You will pay $90 for an additional trash bin for your home. You do have to request and complete a form on their website at Acadiana Waste Services. Once you have filled out the form, a customer service representative will call you.

The $90 is a rental fee. The same applies to your extra trash can from Republic Services. All of the old trash cans from Republic Waste will be picked up, including the extra one that you paid $90 for previously.

Photo courtesy of Alexander Schimmeck -WhBMPxr2RhA via-unsplash

Why Do I Have to Return a Cart I Paid For?

When you purchased the additional car with Republic Waste Services years ago, it was not actually a purchase, it was a rental fee. Some customers have been confused about that, but you must return the cart.

The same applies to our new waste service. The $90 you pay for the additional cart is a rental fee for the entire time you will be using the cart.

In addition to being able to call Acadiana Waste Services with any questions by calling 311 in Lafayette Parish, you can also go to their website at

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