New Orleans Saints wide reciever Juwan Johnson has not gotten playing time so far this season, but a slew of injuries to the receiver position has provided him an opportunity for some playing time. His wife's reaction to the news says it all.

You can see the live reaction video that was posted to Twitter by @brgridiron below

Johnson has been waiting for his moment to shine and when he was finally told that he would get some playing time, he had to take the moment to deliver the news to his wife on camera.

Johnson was recently activated along with Austin Carr as receivers with the Saints continue to deal with injuries @nick_underhill

Her reaction says it all. No one hears more about an athlete's grind to get to where they want to be like their significant other does. This moment obviously means a ton to the both of them.

This accomplishment by Johnson also drew some attention by a former NFL star in @ochocinco

Recognition is given where it's deserved and Chad Ochocinco knows exactly what it takes to be a big time wide receiver in the NFL. If Johnson can play anything like Ochocinco played in his days, the Saints will have an instant-impact player on the field come Sunday.

As Johnson has finally accomplished his goal of getting off of the practice squad and onto the active roster, it is really cool to see the support system he has backing him at home.


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