According to reports, a New Orleans area man has been arrested after allegedly threatening to shoot the mayor. Apparently, his frustration with the trash pick-up issue that has persisted across the city is what led to the threat made to 911-operators.

Courtney Creason, Facebook
Courtney Creason, Facebook

Frustration with trash pick-up, or the lack thereof, has been happening for quite some time now. The effects of Hurricane Ida only exacerbated the anger New Orleans residents were feeling, with the sidewalks outside of their homes growing more and more to resemble a dump.

Some residents of the Big Easy even organized a 'Trash Parade' to bring attention to the issue in true New Orleans fashion. But, this lighthearted gesture towards local government to get control of the garbage problem has not been resolved. We now have seen New Orleans residents taking their frustrations to all new, much more serious heights.

See the report from @NOLAnews on Twitter below.

According to the report, a New Orleans area man called 911 a told the operator that he would shoot the mayor if the trash problem wasn't taken care of.

Police eventually showed up at the Gentilly man's home, where he confessed to threatening to shoot someone over the phone with 911 operators. He was arrested on a count of terrorizing, per the report.

New Orleans' @mayorcantrell knows very well how much attention has been on the trash issue around the city. She posted this update on NOLA's progress on Twitter.

While the progress seems to be moving along, this issue has persisted for weeks and residents of New Orleans are clearly fed up after going through so much with Hurricane Ida.

See the full report from @WGNOtv on Twitter here.

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