Thunderstorms are sweeping across much of South Louisiana and now we're beginning to see streets flooding in parts of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Several inches of rain was projected for some parts of the state to start the week, and officials in New Orleans announced that they'd allow citizens to park on higher grounds (neutral grounds), which normally is not permitted.

Now, we are beginning to see roads in the Central Business District and Uptown under water as a few inches of rain have already fallen over the city.

Sadly, more rain is expected this week as some navigate through the streets of New Orleans.

This isn't the first time, and won't be the last, we witness roads under water after a few inches of rain falls over the southeastern portion of the state.

Check out videos here as drivers push their way through the water, creating wakes and waves near some businesses. As a reminder, never drive through flooded streets as it is difficult to determine the depth of water and the waves you create can push water into homes or businesses.

Here's another road that flooded near New Orleans on Monday as storms pushed across the city and region.

A video post on social media shows a popular street in Uptown New Orleans submerged in water as storms sat over the city on Monday afternoon.

Another video shows how much water covered the street in New Orleans on Monday afternoon, with more rain on the way.

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