A New Orleans District D council member currently campaigning for an at-large city council seat was reportedly booked on suspicion of DWI early this morning (10/18/21).

WWL Via YouTube
WWL Via YouTube

According to nola.com, New Orleans Police "found him asleep behind the wheel of a vehicle on Elysian Fields Avenue."

In a sworn statement from New Orleans police who responded to the call, District D council member Jared Brossett was found passed out behind the wheel of a white 2021 Lexus with the engine running.

Police report that when they approached the vehicle they noticed a strong smell of alcohol as Brossett spoke.

Brossett was arrested at the scene and officers transported him to the DWI testing unit on Tchoupitoulas Street.

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From nola.com -

"At the testing unit, Brossett said he wanted to speak to a lawyer but would undergo a field sobriety test, officers wrote in their affidavit. Brossett failed the test, police said."

According to reports, Brossett has been booked on DWI charges twice before, once in New Orleans, and once in Florida in 2006.

Read more at nola.com.

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