New Kids On The Block And Backstreet Boys

Got Your Tickets To The NKOTB/Backstreet Boys In The Cajundome?

The tough economy hasn’t helped the already-suffering music industry, and a lot of acts are being forced to face the music. When it comes to touring, many artists and bands are skipping huge stadium tours in favor of slightly smaller venues, since the cost is lower and it’s easier to guarantee a full house. Last year, total revenue for the top 100 tours dropped by 13% and ticket sales fell by 12%.  But a few confident superstar acts- U2, Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley and New Kids On The Block, for example- are braving the stadiums.  Taylor’s upcoming 90-date world tour features eight U.S. stadium shows, while U2’s forthcoming tour is all stadiums, and is poised to be the top-grossing tour of all time.

Do you like seeing concerts at big venues like stadiums, or do you prefer smaller venues?  Do high ticket prices make you go see live music less often?  Please leave us a comment.

[Via:  USA Today]

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