I'm always looking for a silver lining, but the coronavirus pandemic has been one big cloudy day for most of us. It's been really hard to try and find something good that has come out of this public health crisis, but CNBC managed to. They found some jobs that were basically created due to the COVID-19 crisis. And with so many Americans out of work right now, it might pay off for you to see if one of the jobs below might be perfect for you, or someone you know. Sending good wishes out to all who have been directly affected by this horrible virus.

  • COVID-19 Testers. These are people who will be conducting swab tests at nursing homes, factories, hospitals and even offices. Most likely these will be registered nurses or assistants. Pay can be as high as $45 an hour
  • COVID-19 Caregivers. This might require training and certification, but hundreds of thousands of Americans who contracted the virus will need at least some kind of care. Pay can go up to $25 an hour
  • Contact Tracers. This is a job that can be done from home, and it requires contacting people who had the virus to try and arrange testing, or provide tips. This can be part time or full time, and pays up to $25 an hour
  • Temperature Screeners. Casinos, restaurants, airports, businesses, or any place that needs to have someone stand at the door and check your temp before entering. Just about anyone can do this, and it pays up to $25 an hour
  • Bylaw Enforcement Officer. These are the people that are checking to see if you are violating social distancing guidelines, or any other policies instituted because of COVID. Usually a supplemental job to others who enforce laws. Can pay up to $30 an hour.
  • Screen Manufacturers and Installers. Plexiglass shields and dividers are the new normal at any business that deals with the public now. Pays up to $30 an hour
  • Face Mask Makers. Who knew this would turn into a 2020 cottage industry? Masks have turned into a new fashion statement, and someone has to make them. Even the custom ones with logos might stick around for awhile. Pays up to $18 an hour
  • Video Tech Support. Classes, businesses and even doctors visits have now gone virtual, and there is a huge demand for technical support to facilitate them. Pays up to $25 an hour.


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