Fortunately, my husband and I both like the room to be on the cool side when it's time for bed. But I know that's not the case for a lot of couples! The temperature can cause a lot of conflict in a bedroom and the whole house. A company called SmartDuvet has come up with a solution for the perennial nighttime controversy. You have probably heard of, or slept beneath an electric blanket, right? Well, these folks have taken that concept to a whole new level with a duvet that can warm up once side of the bed, and cool the other, and on top of that, it's self-making. Yes, it makes itself! Pure genius! Right now, you can pre-order any size 'Smart Duvet Breeze' for $199 and get it in time for Christmas.

Dear Santa, I've been good this year. Love, Deb

[via Mashale]

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