The former Hook & Boil will be occupied by a restaurant owned by a well - known Louisiana family.

Lots of restaurants have closed and opened throughout Acadiana in recent months, including Hook & Boil in Broussard. Many in the area who are sad to see it go should take comfort that it will now be home to a new restaurant owned and operated by a family with deep ties to South Louisiana. Developing Lafayette reports that Joey Trappey, descendant of B.F. Trappey, will open a new location of Trapp's in Broussard. B.F. Trappey founded Trappey's, known for its hot sauce and canned vegetables.

Joey is originally from New Iberia and opened the first Trapp's in West Monroe. He will be opening Trapp's Broussard with the help of his longtime friend, Barrett Boutte. They described Trapp's vision to Developing Lafayette:

“Everything about Trapp’s will be catered to the local community that we live in and serve. Our entrees and menu will have deep roots and ties to our families, the city of Broussard and New Iberia, and the surrounding Acadiana area. We want our customers to feel like Trapp’s is theirs and something they can be proud of. Trapp’s will be heavily involved in numerous local activities throughout the year and we look forward to supporting the community in any way possible. We will have various local bands playing on our outdoor patio this fall and we should be open just in time for football season. Stay tuned…you don’t want to miss out on the big things to come!” — Trapp’s Restaurant Owners

I think Trappey's will be another hugely popular restaurant for Acadiana and look forward to eating their as soon as they open in the next few months.

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