Tuesday was a busy day for Lafayette Fire Department firefighters and officials. There was a fire at an apartment at Himbola Manor Apartments that spread to an adjacent apartment.

Yesterday, firefighters were also called out to battle a fire at a duplex in the 100 block of Avalon Road.

Fire Investigator Alton Trahan
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According to Lafayette Fire Department Spokesman and Investigar Alton Trahan it was neighbors who let the people who live there that the duplex building was on fire.

The neighbors immediately called 911 to get the Lafayette Fire Department to the scene.

He says a woman who lived there was awoken by her neighbors to let her know about the flames coming from the roof of her home. She was able to get out of the home safely.

Fire Truck, Gord Horne, ThinkStock
Fire Truck, Gord Horne, ThinkStock

Trahan says it was right around 2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon when the fire broke out. Firefighters converged on the scene to begin the process of putting out the blaze.

According to firefighters, they were on the scene within just a few minutes and began the arduous task of putting out this blaze.

Trahan says they determined that the fire had started in the laundry room. As far as exactly what caused the fire, he says they are still investigating.

Fire Truck
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They worked at the scene, and after about fifteen minutes there were able to bring this blaze that had engulfed the whole duplex building under control. Obviously, the building sustained major fire damage, so residents will be displaced from their homes.

Just as with the fire at the Himbola Manor Apartments an hour before, members of the Acadiana Chapter of the American Red Cross showed up to help the person who lives at the home.

The woman who lives at that address was not hurt during this fire situation.

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