With the holidays rapidly approaching, many of us are mulling over gift ideas for the special people in our lives. Bottles of liquor are popular holiday gifts. A well, or poorly chosen bottle can speak volumes to the recipient. This is particularly true of whiskey drinkers. If you're not well versed, but want to give someone special a bottle of bourbon, here are some tips from Southern Living. Be aware, you get what you pay for. Good bourbon isn't cheap. You can spend up to $350 for a top shelf bourbon. That's going a little overboard in my book. There are 2 basic types of bourbon, wheat & rye. Rye whiskey is the more spicy. It goes well in cocktails such as a Manhattan. If you're buying for someone who drinks it neat, they probably prefer a wheated bourbon. It's smoother, a little sweeter & goes down easier. The above linked article lists excellent selections in both categories. If you're thinking about buying me a bottle, I like it neat.

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