Families looking for a day of fun this Fourth of July weekend were surprised with quite an eyeful at one local Lafayette business.

This is probably not the type of freedom they had in mind as some families were shocked to see a naked man running through the parking lot of the Surge Entertainment Center by Drew Brees at Pinhook and Verot School Road.

Lane Mack began recording when he saw a naked man "doing karate" in the parking lot of the family fun center.

I had to triple take when I rolled up. Dude was in the parking lot doing karate

As Mack rounded the corner the naked man approached the building, motioning as if he was throwing something.


Whether this was a prank or if the man was under the influence of some type of substance is unknown, but employees of the business did their best to protect the building and the families inside.


After realizing he wouldn't gain entry to the building the man then took off toward the Pinhook side of the parking lot.


Eventually, he took a right and ran down the sidewalk (still naked) as the camera pans down.


According to Lafayette Police, the situation was handled by authorities in the area and no other details were available at this time.

Comments on social media ranged from those shocked to see the man behaving this way near a local business where families gather, to those saying it was at least the second time this week a naked person has been seen in public here in Lafayette.

Mack says business returned to normal "as if nothing happened" and all was well for the families enjoying their Fourth of July weekend.

Wherever he ended up, we hope the naked man got the help he needed.

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