If you've seen the video of Lafayette's Mysterious Sidewalk on Target Loop, or if you've driven past in person, you've probably wondered why it's there. The owner of the property, Larry Thibodeaux, of WCC Furniture on Ridge Road reached out with the explanation. Here's the whole story of what it is, what is insn't, and how it came to be:


When we purchased the property on Ridge Road back in 2013, it was one long undeveloped piece of land with trees. The people we bought it from didn't want to just sell the frontage on Ridge Road so we had to purchase that entire piece with frontage on both Ridge Road and Target Loop. (no problem, right?) When we started planning the construction project in 2014, LCG (Lafayette Consolidated Government) gave us a list of things that we needed to do to be able to complete the project to open WCC Furniture. One of those requirements was to have a sidewalk on any part of the land that faced a road. After going back and forth on many of the requirements that they asked for, some of the requirements were waived until future development, which we appreciated. One requirement that they said was NON-negotiable was the side walk. We made several arguments: there was nothing to connect it to, we were not using that part of the property, we would promise to build one if we developed that part...and several others...Well, they again said it was non-negotiable. So if you are ever on Target Loop on the backside of our property, know that it was NOT your tax dollars that built this sidewalk. It was NOT some project that was halted. It was NOT some dumb business man that decided to do it. It was NOT someone trying to "beautify" the property. It WAS a requirement of LCG to be able to open WCC Furniture! At first I was bitter...then I accepted it...now, it makes such a good story that I am glad to have THE SIDEWALK TO NOWHERE!

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