As I was watering my Devil's Ivy (Pothos) this weekend, I noticed that there were water droplets on the tips of the leaves. Not just a few of the leaves, but all of them!

As you can see in the picture above, the water droplets collect at the tip of the leaves (please forgive my dirty windows!!).

This, of course, caused me to become concerned. First, I looked up to see if there was a leak from the ceiling! Then, I asked if someone had sprayed/watered them for me. Once I ruled these options out, I took to the Google to find the problem.

What did I find? It's no problem at all! It is natural (and normal) for the Pothos plant to release water through its leaves.

It doesn't mean that the plant is sick, but: if bacteria gets into the pores that release the water, your plant can become diseased.

Also, don't let the water drip onto wood floors, as the "water" contains salts, sugars and other stuff that might stain/ruin your floors/furniture, so wipe that up!

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