Really, I think someone took it from my driveway!

After Christmas was over, I hauled my (real) Christmas Tree out to the driveway. Not at the end of the driveway, mind you: I left it near my garage, with the intentions of chopping it up and using it as firewood in my fire pit.

It was there for only a few days before POOF! it was gone. I asked my roommate, and he didn't touch it. He said that he came home from work one day and noticed that it wasn't in the driveway any longer, thinking that I had it removed.

Who would someone come onto my driveway to snag my tree? I mean, had it been at the END of the driveway, it would be fair game.  But it was near my garage.

Two years ago, the same thing happened, but the tree was at the end of the drive, so it was fair game for anyone who wanted to take it. This year, I intentionally left it near the garage, and someone still grabbed it!

What are people doing with the trees?

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