First there was #PizzaRat, then came #PizzaRats and now there's #TacoSquirrel.

Remember when the internet lost its mind over a video of a rat pulling a slice of pizza through NYC? Yeah, well that's sooo 2015.

2017 has really stepped it's game up when it comes to rodents eating human food.

I think we can all agree that squirrels are better than rats and tacos are better than pizza. Ok, I take back the "tacos are better than pizza" thing, because my little basic chick heart just broke as I typed those words. Pizza is life, but tacos definitely come in a close second.

Let's taco-bout two things real quick. (1) where did the squirrel get the taco and (2) how did he/she climb up a flipping tree with the taco still intact? I can't even climb a tree with a taco in my hand! That squirrel is a freak of nature, and not just because it prefers tacos over nuts.

And, yes, I am fully aware that the #TacoSquirrel sighting happened in April, but with Halloween right around the corner I think we need to show that bizarre/sexy #PizzaRat costume who's boss and make Taco Squirrel the top costume this year. I mean, who doesn't want to walk around holding/eating a taco all night?

Now all we need is a #PumpkinSpiceLatteChipmunk.


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