You may have driven by some restaurants and thought to yourself, "I'll never eat in a place like that", based solely on the looks of the place.

You might be cheating yourself. Have you ever heard the saying "Never judge a book by its cover"?

I've heard that phrase many times, and I think it's dumb. If the cover of the book clearly states "Seducing the Wilde Doorman" and features a photo of Fabio wearing an open tuxedo shirt and a bellman's cap, I pretty much know what the book is about.

On the other hand, one might drive by a dilapidated building that has a hand-written sign on the front that says "Fresh Boudin To-Day", the idea of eating there might not get a second thought. Unless you are from that area and know the reputation of the establishment.

I get it - aesthetics can be telling, but - they can also be deceiving.

So what should you do? Well, I can't tell you that - you have to make up your own mind.

I can tell you what I do - I usually step inside those places and get blown away by the awesomeness of the food.

With all of that being said, someone brought up the question on the Foodies of Lafayette Facebook page, asking where the best Birria Tacos could be found in Lafayette.

Birria tacos differ from "regular" tacos as they are filled with stew meat instead of grilled meat, so the taco will lend itself to being a little juicier and more tender, in most cases.

A few of the recommendations from Facebook mentioned well-known restaurants, others mentioned lesser-known restaurants, and a few mentioned food trucks set up around the city.

Here are the ones that I have put on my list to try.


Google street view

La Chismosa Mariscos is on Eraste Landry in the 1400 block, at its intersection with Georgette.

I'm not certain what some of this stuff is, but it looks delicious! From their Facebook page:



And they uploaded a video (don't sell the steak - sell the sizzle, right??)


Taqueria El mexicano is at 110 Mimosa Place, just off of Johnston Street.


Zarape Tacos Y Gorditas Lafayette is at 2104 N University, just north of Interstate 10.

Zarape Tacos Y Gorditas Lafayette
via Google Street View

They claim to have the best in Lafayette.


via Google Street View

Blanchard's Barbecue on Pinhook near James Comeaux Road was mentioned a few times in the comments section. It appears that they do a great Birria taco!


The All-Star Bake Shop's Facebook page says that they are in Lafayette and that they feature their Birria tacos on Tuesday, with local delivery.

All of these places, save for Blanchard's Barbecue, are "new" to me, as I have not tried them yet. I guess it's time I get busy, right?

For the food trucks that were mentioned, here is a partial list:

Taqueria El Dollar #3 in the district parking lot
Taqueria El tapatio on corner of Rue De Bellier and congress
Taqueria El Cazador on ambassador
If you are not following the Foodies of Lafayette Facebook page, do yourself a favor and follow them. They have great recommendations for new (or old!) restaurants, they post recipes, and they have discussions on how to better your creations at home.
Do you have a favorite Birria taco that needs to be added to the list?

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